Works at Railway Line no. 8, Warka – Radom Section (LOT C, D, E)

The consortium composed of Swietelsky Rail Polska Sp. z o.o., Swietelsky Baugesellschaft m.b. H, Trac Tec Construction Sp. z o.o., Infrakol Jan Paruch i Wspólnicy Spółka Komandytowa, Leonhard Weiss GMBH & CO. KG and Intop Warszawa Sp. z o.o. executes the task called “Development of building permit and detailed designs and the execution of works for lots C, D, E in the “design and build” formula under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 5.1-10 “Works at Warka - Radom section of railway line no. 8 (lot C, D, E)”.

Modernisation of the railway line from Warsaw to Radom is an investment long awaited by residents of Radom and the whole region. It is to contribute not only to improved travel comfort of commuters, but also to revitalise the region of Radom in many aspects.

Following the modernisation, passenger trains will go at 160 km/h. The time for the fastest trains from Warsaw to Radom will decrease to close to 75 minutes from the present 115 minutes.

Project scope:

  1. redevelopment of the track layout and addition of the second track from km 58.100 to km 100.850 — LOTs CDE;
  2. redevelopment of horizontal arch radii to enable maximum speeds;
  3. redevelopment of existing railway stations and passenger stops at the defined section;
  4. redevelopment of the stormwater discharge system at the defined section;
  5. liquidation and redevelopment/construction of crossings;
  6. redevelopment/construction of roads;
  7. construction of parking spaces;
  8. construction of a new ICT network for the railway traffic management;
  9. redevelopment of the trackside power supply 15 kV with transformer stations and supply substations;
  10. redevelopment of the overhead catenary system;
  11. redevelopment of power engineering systems and devices up to 1 kV in connection with the redevelopment of the track layout and the redeveloped railway infrastructure;
  12. redevelopment of power engineering systems and devices above 1 kV in connection with the redevelopment of the track layout and the redeveloped railway infrastructure;
  13. redevelopment of the existing rail-over-road bridges, underground pedestrian crossings, bridges and culverts, as well as construction of new structures;
  14. signal box construction;
  15. redevelopment of power supply, sewer discharge, water supply, gas lines etc. conflicting with the railway infrastructure;

Completion of this project will result in:

  1. increased maximum speed of passenger and cargo trains;
  2. reduced travel duration and increased intensity of passenger and cargo transport;
  3. increased competitive advantage of railway transport when compared to other carriers;
  4. increased traffic safety level;
  5. regional development stimulation at the regional and national level;
  6. ensuring operating interoperability;
  7. environment protection and elimination of architectural obstacles for the disabled.
Localisation: Warka - Radom
Client: PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A.
Value: 429 mln
Realisation time: 49 months