Footbridge over Giżycki Canal in Giżycko

On 25 October 2019, the long-awaited footbridge over the Giżycki Canal in Giżycko was partially handed over for use. Besides many difficulties and unforeseen circumstances caused by the unique nature of this structure, this footbridge, so important for the town, was completed successfully.

The newly-erected footbridge over the Giżycki (Łuczański) Canal replaces the old, demolished footbridge in a way intertwined with the environment, making it possible for pedestrians and cyclists to travel between the town centre and the so-called Giżycka Island. The simple footbridge design, matching the existing pavement, leaves the town centre to arch at the height of 3 Maja Street, crossing the canal to bend down smoothly towards the stage in a way integrated with the auditorium.

The footbridge structure is a continuous steel box girder of changing height, bent horizontally, fixed on one side. It is based on reinforced steel supports founded on piles.

It is composed of four spans with the theoretical lengths of 15.55 + 32.870 + 28.080 + 15.82 m and the total width of 4.66 – 6.68 m.

The total length of the steel structure is 93.16 m while the total length of the structure with the ramp is ca. 175 m.

Thanks to its complicated span structure, despite the absence of any additional suspensions and pylons, small cross-section height of the central span (over the canal) could be obtained which, together with the glass bridge parapet filling emphasizes the unique slenderness of the footbridge.

One of the footbridge assets is the use of solutions rarely used in the bridge sector in the form of individual products made from high-quality materials, e.g.:

— stainless steel of the parapets, duct and expansion joint covers,

— teak wood used to finish the auditorium, stage and footbridge edge beams,

— water-permeable mineral and epoxy surfaces at access paths, square in front of the auditorium and pavements,

— architectural concrete for supports and auditorium.

Well-exposed materials, like stainless steel and teak wood, which are used for boatbuilding, identify the footbridge significantly with the yachts going under it and with the atmosphere of the town of Giżycko.

The footbridge construction was accompanied by the redevelopment of the drainage system, water supply, electrical and telecommunication systems. What is more, the wharf was redeveloped where it would be difficult or impossible once the footbridge is completed.

Localisation: Giżycko
Client: Gmina Miejska Giżycko
Value: 12 mln
Realisation time: 19 months