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Bridge Redevelopment in Śliwice

In 2015, we carried out works connected with the redevelopment of a bridge in km 0+686 of the poviat road no. 1636 in Śliwice, consisting in making a diversion with a temporary bridge, demolition of the deck and reinforcement of the steel structure. What is more, bearings and gerber hinges were maintained, coatings were replaced, a new deck and its fit-out, drainage and sidewalks were made, bridge lighting was installed, the water supply system suspended on the bridge was replaced, and so was the pavement on the bridge and access roads, stormwater discharge system. Moreover, the diversion road was demolished.

An interesting project of Intop Warszawa, carried out from June 2015 to October 2015, was “The Redevelopment of a Bridge in km 0+686 of the Poviat Road no. 1636 O in Śliwice”. The bridge crosses the bypass channel of the reservoir in Otmuchów and the Raczyna stream. The bridge is entered in the Communal Register of Historical Monuments and is supervised by the Conservation Officer.

Structure specification following the redevelopment:

Load class: C according to PN-85/S-10030

Steel deck truss bridge

Superstructure type: riveted plate girder spans of the continuous beam type, with “Gerber” hinges over the pre-end supports.

Truss number: 2

Theoretical spans: 23.87+29.78+35.72+29.78+23.82 [m]

Total length: 142.92 [m]

Total width of the structure: 9.00 [m]

Structural height 2.21 [m]

Carriageway width: 6.00 [m]

Usable width of the sidewalk: 2.00 [m]


The scope of works comprised:

  • Making the diversion road with a temporary bridge,
  • Dismounting historical parapets and their adaptation to their re-installation,
  • Demolition of the concrete deck with steel sections of “Zores” type, including fit-out,
  • Demolition of the access roads to the structure,
  • Sectional reinforcement of the existing steel structure,
  • Replacement of damaged rivets,
  • Replacement of corroded components of bracings and cross-beams,
  • Repair of steel bearings and hinge maintenance,
  • Removal and reinstatement of the steel structure corrosion protection,
  • Making reinforced concrete slab integrated with steel girders,
  • Renovation of stone supports,
  • Making new structure fit-out,
  • Installation of the renovated parapet,
  • Making modular expansion joints,
  • Reconstruction of access roads,
  • Making lighting system on the bridge,
  • Redevelopment of the water supply system with dia. 160 mm suspended to the span structure.
Localisation: Śliwice
Client: Zarząd Dróg Powiatowych w Nycie
Value: 2,7 mln
Realisation time: 5 months