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Bridge Modernisation in Terespol

One of the largest bridge projects of INTOP Warszawa carried out in consortium was the “Modernisation of the Bridge in km 211.657 of the Railway Line no. 2 Warsaw – Terespol”. The modernised bridge crosses the Bug River. The structure is situated at the railway border crossing Terespol – Brześć Centralny. The entire structure is composed of six freely supported spans (two reinforced concrete access spans, two steel trusses of the “W” type and two steel trusses of “X” type) situated symmetrically against the central support. The lengths of individual spans are as follows: 7.90 m – 66.00 m – 71.50 m. The redevelopment covered the part of the bridge on the Polish bank of the river, from the abutment to the third support inclusively on which the first main span rests.

The major problems connected with the redevelopment of the railway bridge over the Bug river were the total demolition of the existing spans and making new ones, with identical structure. There was also a ballast trough designed on steel spans where the track surface will be reinstated. What is more, the following were carried out within the task:

  • Reinforcement of the existing supports’ foundations,
  • Bearing replacement,
  • Reinforcement of the support structure by concrete spraying,
  • Capping beam reshaping,
  • Making fit-out components (service sidewalks outside the bridge gauge, inspection trolleys under the truss spans, drainage, embankment cones and steps),
  • Redevelopment of the overhead catenary system, railroad traffic control devices and telecommunications networks.
Localisation: Terespol
Client: PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A.
Value: 24 mln
Realisation time: 18 months