We Are Going to Redevelop the Bridge over the Central Railway Main Line in the Poviat Road Secemin – Bichniów


On 23 December 2019, the Starost and Deputy Starost of Włoszczowa signed a contract with a representative of INTOP Warszawa Sp. z o.o. for the execution of the task called “Redevelopment of the bridge over the railway line no. 4 (Central Railway Main Line) with access roads in the poviat road no. 0233T at Secemin – Bichniów section from km 1+242 to km 1+617 in the design and build formula”.

Under this task, Intop Warszawa Sp. z o.o. will design and execute design works and the following building works:

  • ground reinforcement to achieve the appropriate road foundation conditions,
  • humus removal,
  • earthworks,
  • demolition of the existing road surfaces and other road structure components,
  • construction of new surface structures,
  • reinforcement of the surface structure to the load of 100 kN/axle (profile planning and improvement, binder and wearing courses),
  • Redevelopment of the existing bridge over the railway line,
  • Making horizontal and vertical signs,
  • protection and redevelopment of the existing third-party devices according to the technical conditions obtained by the Contractor from their respective owners,
  • Construction/redevelopment of the drainage system, including the one draining the road structure, e.g. roadside ditches,
  • Land levelling and sowing grass,
  • Finishing and cleaning works both in the right-of-way and outside it on adjacent plots which the Contractor entered during the works performance,
  • Owner’s representative services,
  • Preparing documents for the application for the occupancy permit and work completion notification,
  • Preparing a post-completion survey,
  • And any other works required to complete the subject of this contract.

 The length of the redeveloped section is ca. 375 m including the bridge.

 The planned investment is situated in Świętorzyskie voivodeship, poviat district of Włoszczowa, commune of Secemin.

Building works are to be completed on 31 August 2021 at the latest.

The cost of investment is PLN 2,721,990.00. The task will be co-funded from the state budget under the Local Government Road Fund, from the budget of the Poviat District of Włoszczowa and of the Commune of Secemin.



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