We Are Going to Modernise 16 Engineering Structures at Pilichowice – Olszamowice Route


On 7 February 2020, the contract was signed for the “Modernisation of 16 engineering structures at Pilichowice – Olszamowice route” under the project called “Modernisation of Railway Line no. 4 Central Railway Main Line, stage 2”” by the consortium composed of INTOP Warszawa Sp. z oo.o. as the Leader and SARINŻ Sp. z o.o. as the Partner. Work completion is planned for June 2021.

The contractors are going to redevelop two rail-over-road bridges (in km 108.779; 113.161), four bridges (in km; 108.654; 117.216; 120.954; 113.449) and culverts (in km: 106.872; 108.233; 110.584; 114.049; 114.361; 116.883; 117.775; 119.842; 122.285; 122.482). The contract comprises engineering works, reconstruction of drainage system and removal of trees and shrubs. At the short distance between Olszamowice and Pilichowice there will be 10 culverts, 2 rail-over-road bridges and 4 bridges ensuring speed of up to 250 km/h created.