We Are Going to Extend J. Piłsudski Road Bridge in Toruń


Today, we signed a contract as a consortium of Intop Warszawa Sp. z o.o. (Consortium Leader) and EURO-DARMAL Sp. z o.o. from Kamienna Góra (Consortium Partner) for the extension of J. Piłsudski road bridge in Toruń.

The contract worth PLN 122,806.890 is one of the most important road investments to be executed in Toruń. We are to complete it in 20 months.

Under the contract, the contractor will be obliged to broaden the sidewalk supports which the pedestrian and bicycle paths rest on to 4.2 m which will enable to separate the pedestrian and bicycle traffic on the bridge on either side of it. The contractor will also repair the existing bridge slab. The structure will receive new components, including sidewalk slabs, road and sidewalk surface, drainage, lighting, illumination and guardrails, Rafał Wiewiórski, head of Municipal Roads Authority in Toruń enumerated during the press conference on the day when the contract was signed.

This investment comprises corrosion protection of the existing and newly-designed steel structure, construction of vantage points, building a descent to Kępa Bazarowa and a new descent to Bulwar Filadelfijski with lifts for cyclists and people of limited mobility. We will also e.g. clean and repair stone cladding, bridge abutments and supports, redevelop the networks on the structure and the technical infrastructure conflicting with the designed investment.

During the first stage of works, the bridge surface will be repaired and the components above the road will be cleaned and coated. This works will be preceded by making the temporary bridge. The city obtained a consent of the Minister of Energy for free lending of a folding road bridge structure type DMS-65 with a set of supports from strategic reserves. Also the consent of the Armed Forces Branches General Commander was obtained for the service of the temporary bridge structure transport, assembly and dismounting by the army.

During stage 2 of J. Piłsudski road bridge repair, there is a sidewalk repair and any works required below the bridge are planned.

Bridge visualisation following the redevelopment was made by Pracowania Projektowa FORMAT from Jelenia Góra.