Construction of the Support Structure and the Demolition of the Bridge in Ostrów near Tarnów


The existing structure is the steel membrane and latticed one. The bridge over the Dunajec River was constructed in 1972. In the current state, its width is 11.20 m and total length is 289.0 m (the bridge superstructure length).

The works will be performed in 6 stages:

- Stage 1 - Dismounting the fittings (lamps, parapets, sidewalk cantilevers, pavement)

- Stage 2 - Demolition of the cantilever part:

Because of the type and specification of the existing bridge superstructure, its dismounting is to be carried out in the reverse order of its assembly. During the demolition, the surface girder should be divided into three in the cross-section, with the main self-supporting part and the left and right cantilever.

- Stage 3 - Erecting the support structure of the gliding track:

To move the support structure, the gliding track needs to be made. What is more, a foundation in the form of rammed steel pipes dia. 508 mm and load-bearing capacity min. 382 kN must be made. The gliding track made from HEB 320 will be laid on the pipes.

- Stage 4 - Structure raising

The structure will be raised, starting from support no. P1 to P6

- Stage 5 - Gliding

After all the works from the above stages are completed, the gliding operation should be carried out using actuators. Gliding should be continued until the structure obtains the required location on the target supports.

- Stage 6 - Dismounting the gliding structure

After the bridge structure is drawn to its location, the structure needs to be dismounted.

The above performance method differs from the initial concept design. Initially, the interim support structure was to be erected for the delivery pipeline and the existing structure was to be demolished. The concept design was modified due to the short implementation deadline. The load-bearing part of the existing structure will be drawn and used. At present, we completed Stage 2, steel pipes were rammed and we are preparing the substrate for the gliding track installation.